Artio – alignment with the universal Law Of One.

Artio – 36 x 60 inch, oil on canvas.

Great Bear, the guardian of the heart chakra of the earth. Calling for a re-connection with the natural world and its laws.

By Margot Brassil.

REFLECTIONS OF GAIA. I have a deep connection with the spirit of our earth mother through visions and interactions with her creations. Due the situation humanity finds itself in, the voice of the planet and all her life forms call us back to union and balance with nature and ourselves. Through my art I seek interaction with even the smallest creatures and spirits of the land. A variety of mediums and techniques are deployed on a quest to find the true essence of a subject. As our spiritual and physical well-being is intrinsic to the world around us, what we feel close to and supported by we cannot destroy. Margot Brassil

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