Set In Stone.

I began this painting in April, at the height of the #Coronavirus or crown virus scare.

A quiet place along the river with the early light of day shining on the rocks, had me musing on the spectre of death that the news was throwing at us. From daily death count, human lives used to score points in some macabre game. The rock formation with the dead tree brought to mind the whole life and death cycle.

As all of us will all physically die (a certainty that we like to pretend will never happen, or only happens to “other people”). In nature everything dies and is recycled and used to renew, how could we be any different? We live by the laws of nature even though we seem to have forgotten them.

Published by Margot Brassil.

REVEALING ALL THAT SURROUNDS US As a passionate Artist and self-imposed ambassador for wild animals, plants, spaces and people, I create my art to reflect on our connection to the natural world and how we interact with other life forms. What we do not fully appreciate and understand we so often destroy. Our spiritual and physical well-being is intrinsic to the world around us; therefore I find it fundamentally important to focus not only on landscapes, but also on creatures, which are often overlooked within our very own backyards. Fine detail and lines flow in my work and most recently collage and mixed media have added an element of play and wonder. I enjoy bringing forth images before the muse disappears! Margot Brassil

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