Have your inner landscape revealed in an exclusive painting.

Cloud dragons
Contact me on this page or via my email at margotb333@gmail.com

Are you seeking direction in your life?  Do you have questions regarding your souls journey in this lifetime.

Have your inner landscape revealed in a 8″ x 10″ mixed media artwork on a canvas board. The image is a description of where you are at this stage of your life’s journey.

There is something very unique within each one of us that resonates with specific landscapes and events.

These landscapes and visions can give clarity by uniting you with your own unique spirit animal, guide or plant spirit. The image may reveal what you need for healing or life path direction.

Your painting comes with a tarot card reading. This information will be placed on the back of the artwork for you to refer to.

The cost of a unique artwork reflecting your souls journey including the tarot reading is $120. The price includes standard shipping.

What I will request from you is your date of birth and name, other than that the reading will be done without the need for a telephone consult or any other information. Should you have questions you are welcome to contact me, via the website or by email.

Before payment I will send you a photo of the completed image and then you can decide if you want to purchase it. The tarot reading will be sent to you with the completed art work upon payment, via PayPal.

As so many of us seek guidance and where we fit into this world, this is a fun place to begin.

Begin your own unique journey of discovery.

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