The Sun Is Mask – querading Too.

To generate awareness of the chemicals sprayed into our atmosphere to mask the sun.
Chem-Trails & Con-Tales $200.00 CAN. Available, please contact me if you are interested.

It has been intriguing to watch the consistent spraying of the atmosphere to mask the sun. Interesting that this has been on going for a number of years and I wonder how many have noticed this.

What is being hidden by the attempts to mask the sun? A second sun or a planet or something else? As always the truth will be known to those who seek.

Set In Stone.

I began this painting in April, at the height of the #Coronavirus or crown virus scare.

A quiet place along the river with the early light of day shining on the rocks, had me musing on the spectre of death that the news was throwing at us. From daily death count, human lives used to score points in some macabre game. The rock formation with the dead tree brought to mind the whole life and death cycle.

As all of us will all physically die (a certainty that we like to pretend will never happen, or only happens to “other people”). In nature everything dies and is recycled and used to renew, how could we be any different? We live by the laws of nature even though we seem to have forgotten them.

Up The Creek.

Up The Creek – 16 x 20 inch Acrylic on Canvas $700 CAN shipping not included in this price.

While deciding how to approach painting this river, it became clear why the analogy of “life flowing like a river” is so often used. Streams of thought, emotions and life itself flow like one.

Letting go of time and observing the continuous rushing of the water, showed the eddies and swirls that form around the rocks. The intense bright colour of wet stones glinting in the sunlight, contrasting with the dark green greys of the surrounding area.

This is not meant to be an accurate representation of this place, but a journey into the surreal. How the mind imagines and interprets what it sees.

No two people ever observe the same river, there are similarities and overlaps but for everyone the experience will be different.

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